Argos donated 432 cement bags to the Dominica Red Cross for the construction of its branch office and storage facility in Portsmouth

Argos Cement has contributed with 432 bags of cement to the Dominica Red Cross for its construction of a branch office and storage facility at Portsmouth. The donation will aid in the organization’s aim to build capacity and enhance the work of its volunteers within the community. The facility will serve as a meeting place for volunteers and to place relief items to aid in a quick and timely response to any disaster or emergency.

“We’re committed to giving back and creating value for our communities through our commitment to being good neighbors and allies. This support to the Dominica Red Cross is a direct reflection of Argos’ principles by boosting the development in local communities and creating social value for society and for the company. We firmly believe that by working together with organizations like the Red Cross, we can aid in the construction of a better future for all families in Dominica. We will continue to form alliances with other partners to join forces and enable a more sustainable,prosperous and inclusive society in Dominica”, added Samuel Arango, General Director of Antilles for Argos Cement.

As usual, Argos is thrilled to collaborate and contribute to such a venture which aims at the overall social development of Dominica as well as keeping in line with the government’s mandate of making the territory the first climate resilient country in the world where cement and concrete play a significant role.

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