The Veterans drive improvement project in Saint Thomas was built with Argos cement

Phase one of the Veterans Drive Improvement Project in Saint Thomas is complete, well before its completion date, and was built entirely with Argos cement.

The project, of a total cost of $45 million, included roadway widening, pavement reconstruction, seawall construction, drainage improvements, lighting, installation of a new expanded promenade and landscaping.

Phase two is scheduled to be completed later this year, also with Argos cement, with an estimated cost of $100 million. This phase will include widening lanes on the waterfront from 9 to 11 feet; expanding the promenade, which will have a double alley of trees to enhance the pedestrian experience; raised speed tables for pedestrian crossings; areas for sidewalk cafes and other commercial activity; pedestrian and road lighting; a landscaped median; and improvements to the plaza area, which will include a water feature.

The goal of the Veterans Drive Improvement Project is to widen the roadway for traffic and create a beautiful space for people to walk along the waterfront. Once again, our products and that Argos seal will be present in every day construction projects around the city, contributing to build our customers’ dreams and improving the lives of the communities around us.

Fun fact: Even the items that were imported from Florida for this project were built using Argos cement!

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